My name is Kasaundra Trout and I am a Doula with Eden's Roots, LLC. I serve both Utah and Salt Lake Counties. It is my belief that women have the instinct to travel down this path already deep within themselves. Generations have come before and they remind you that "yes, you can too". As a doula, I am honored to walk beside you on this journey.


From conception to birth, Eden's Roots will be there providing you with the unbiased and educated support you deserve. You know your body, your partner knows you, and I know birth. No matter how you choose to birth, we've got your back.


Here at Eden's Roots, we understand that pregnancy is an exciting time. Join myself and Maura Mendenhall of Your Utah Doula each week for a free community Pregnancy Circle. Our vision is to grow a community that will help carry each woman from the moment the stick says "pregnant", to the many beautiful, messy, and exciting years to come. Your sisters are waiting!